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The Nanny Agency, Inc. offers a unique service called Sitters On Call for families in need of temporary childcare on an individual or on-going basis. Sitters On Call can make your everyday life easier. Whether you want to go shopping, run errands, go out with friends, need backup child care, or just get away, we can help.

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  1. Register with The Nanny Agency.
  2. We also meet with the family or the parent with whom we will be working most closely to fill sitter needs.
  3. Once you are registered, simply call 888-HELP and tell us the date and time you need a sitter. With 48 hours notice we can almost always find a sitter to fit your needs. 


There are two costs involved with using Sitters On Call: the sitter's salary and the agency's fee.
Sitters Salary: The family pays the sitters directly at the time they sit. Sitters are paid a minimum of $9 per hour for one or two children and $10 per hour for three or more children. However, be as appreciative as you see fit. All sitters are paid a minimum of 2 hours even if the time needed is less than two hours.
Agency Fee: The agency charges a placement fee for each request according to the schedule below and bills the families once a month. 

Type of Placement Agency Fee     
Occasional Weekday, Evenings and Weekends **First Three Placements Each Month** $15 per placement
Occasional Weekday, Evenings and Weekends **After First Three Placements** $10 per placement
Weekend Overnights (Friday or Saturday) $25 per overnight
Weekday Overnights (Sunday -Thursday) $35 per overnight
Emergency Placement (less than 48 hours notice to agency)  $10 added to the above fees
Cancellation after sitter has been requested $5
Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice or after hours Regular placement fee


Families that use The Nanny Agency Inc., on a regular basis can enjoy reduced rates.  Here's how:  (Discount rates do not apply to emergency or overnight requests.)

Unlimited requests -$160 per month

If you need child care 4 days or more per week for a month or more, the placement fees will be capped at $160 per calendar month.

Before and after school placements - $120 per month

If you need child care before school or after school on a regular basis (for no more than 2.5 hours per day) there is a flat fee of $120 per month for the school year.  This includes unlimited access to your before or after school sitter.  Requests for additional sitters are $10 each capped at $160.

Multiple overnights 

 The agency fees are $35 per weekday overnight and $25 for a Friday or Saturday overnight.  The agency's fee is capped at $160 for any 7 day period.


  1. All requests and cancellations for sitters must go through the agency. The family agrees not to contact the sitter on their own without prior consent from the agency.
  2. If additional children (neighbors, relatives or friends) are being cared for by the sitter, a Non-agency Family Agreement form by the children's parents must be signed and returned to the agency.
  3. The more notice we have, the greater the chance we can find a sitter for you. As a general guideline, call by Wednesday to request a sitter for the upcoming weekend.
  4. If you need to request a sitter outside of business hours, you may page us, however this will be considered an emergency and the $10.00 emergency fee will be charged. Emergency Number is (309) 212-1861. 
  5. Cancellations made after a sitter is requested will result in a  $5.00 cancellation fee instead of the regular placement fee.  If the family cancels with less than 24 hours notice or after hours, the family understands that they are responsible for the regular placement fee.
  6. The agency will notify you 24 hours in advance if we are unable to find you a sitter. For emergency requests, we will notify you as soon as possible if we cannot fill the request. 


The Nanny Agency, Inc. interviews hundreds of applicants each year and selects only the very best applicants to represent the agency. The following are minimal qualification for all sitter applicants:

  • 18 years of age
  • High School graduate (Education in child development at the high school or college level is a plus)
  • Provide at least three excellent child care references from non-relatives
  • Have a reliable vehicle and be insured on this vehicle
  • Non-smoker
  • Legally authorized to work in the US


Being a 'Sitter On Call' is often a perfect job for students or individuals with other part-time jobs. You work only as your schedule permits, so most sitters enjoy the flexibility and the great opportunity to work with families.

  1. Apply to The Nanny Agency.
  2. There is no cost to applicants to work through the agency for job opportunities.  Placement fees are paid by the employer.
  3. Applicants must meet all of the minimal qualifications listed above.
  4. Agency will set up interviews with applicants that most closely meet the requirements of registered families.
  5. Applicants agree to a thorough background review, which includes checks for traffic and criminal violations, DCFS child abuse and neglect (CANTS report) and criminal sex offenders list.
  6. All nannies are required to complete an annual physical and TB test.

Sitters with the following availability are more likely to get regular or ongoing work:

Monday -Friday 6:00-9AM or 3:00-6:00pm
Tuesday and Thursday full days 7am-5pm
Monday Wednesday Friday full day 7am-5pm
Monday through Friday half days 7am-12:30 or 11:30-5pm

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